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Lighthouse Mission Statement

Tim Spees Life and Business Philosophy

Defined by my most consistent behaviors, beliefs and practices, my business and life philosophy reflects the time-honored tradition of doing what’s right. 

My spirit and culture– a lifetime work in progress, blends my core values of Integrity, strength, and passion in trying to be the best I can be.

I believe that a commitment of high standards develops stronger and more enriching relationships with clients, competitors, and people in general because it can be counted on to do the right things at all times.  Actions based on consistent ethical character demonstrate a favorable message to all, and providing real solutions with great care, detail and passion, offers them peace of mind along the way.

Those who identify with their brand, goals, and purpose, do so because or their commitment to excellence and, therefore, recognize that we share much of the same "like kind" spirit. 


realize the limitlessness of your dreams...


 Integrity...A firm adherence to a standard of values (faith-honesty-accountability-humility)   

            Strength...An ability to perform various behaviors repeatedly, happily, and successfully   

                        Passion...A boundless energy and enthusiasm to serve.